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Duy L

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Future Trainee Solicitor | Baker McKenzie

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  • International Student
  • Ethnic Minority
  • Accent
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I am graduating from University of Cambridge reading Social Anthropology in June 2018. I completed a Spring Vacation Scheme with Baker McKenzie in April 2018 and was offered a training contract starting 2020.

I grew up in Vietnam and attended state schools there until I was 15. I then went to Singapore to study towards the A level qualification under a scholarship by the Singapore government. I had never been to the UK before I started my university. Applying for a training contract as an international student, I had specific concerns about getting a work permit and understood perfectly the time pressure facing international students. If you have similar worries, I am happy to share my experience and how I cope with the pressure. Additionally, when I was applying, I did at times find the fact that there are very few lawyers in the UK who came from developing countries, especially those outside of the Commonwealth, discouraging. So again, if you feel similarly discouraged because you can’t find someone in the profession whose background you can easily relate to, feel free to drop me a line and we can have a chat.

I am also experienced in how to draw on your international background in your application to maximise its advantage and avoid the pitfall of assuming that living in different countries automatically distinguishes you by giving you “a global outlook”.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want a chat about my experience applying for a training contract and doing a vacation scheme.

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