My diversity networks


I began my legal career as an intern in a practice back home in Nairobi, Kenya. Having loved the experience, I decided that I wanted to study law in the UK and pursue my career here. As I have moved around my whole life – from Kenya to Dubai to Tanzania and the UK – diversity was something that I took for granted. Throughout my undergrad, however, I struggled to find a law firm where I felt that I fit in. The culture of the British workplace and the experiences of the people working there were completely unfamiliar to me, and I felt like I stood out in the worst of ways.

During my vacation scheme at PwC, I finally felt that I was represented – and welcomed – throughout the firm. More importantly, I also felt that diversity was (and continues to be) an intrinsic and valued part of PwC culture. I began my training contract in September 2020, joining the Indirect Tax Disputes team after completing my LPC.

My experience moving to the UK and working in the legal profession here has really highlighted to me the importance of seeing yourself represented in the workplace. I hope that I can help and encourage diversity in the legal industry by offering my advice to anyone who aspires to join the legal profession.

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