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I graduated with an LLB Law degree from Durham University in 2015, completed the Bar Professional Training Course in 2016 and graduated from my LLM Law degree from the University of Cambridge in 2017.

During my Master’s degree, I secured my training contract with Stephenson Harwood after attending its training contract assessment centre.

I am Malaysian Chinese, born and bred in Malaysia, where I was state school educated. I remember the culture shock when I first arrived in the UK for my undergraduate law degree. This was likely compounded by the fact that it was also my first time outside South East Asia.

I am familiar with the struggles non-European students face when navigating the legal profession, particularly those who grew up in one of the South East Asian cultures. Throughout the training contract application process and during my work experience at Clifford Chance, I have learned to identify and adapt to the cultural nuances in the work environment.

I recognise that South East Asians are underrepresented in the profession, and hope to change that – I believe people from different backgrounds and with a range of life experiences bring fresh perspectives which can enrich the profession. I am happy to help everyone, regardless of their nationality and ethnicity, so please get in touch if I can be of any assistance. My number one piece of advice to all applicants is to persevere and not lose hope!

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