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Charlie T

Associate | BCLP LLP

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  • Diversity ally
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My main motivation for working with Aspiring Solicitors is to really give back to the ‘community’ of young lawyers-to-be. It isn’t an easy road, no matter what your background – it certainly took me a while to find my feet – and I feel it is important to help people facing that tough path now.

I was lucky to have a great springboard by taking Law with German Law at UCL, and managed to get a good deal of work experience during that time. It took a lot of hard work, but eventually I found a fantastic fit at the firm I am now at, BCLP.

I am involved with a variety of diversity programmes, both inside and outside the firm. I’m proud to support Horizons Wales, a great charity that helps students who have an eye on a professional career, but face difficulties due to hardships faced in their home areas. I also enjoy supporting local charities through programmes at BCLP that work along the same lines as Horizons.

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