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Solicitor | Michelmores LLP in Exeter

Profile Highlights:

  • Partially raised in foster care
  • Educated in Austria
  • First generation lawyer
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I am a Solicitor at Michelmores LLP in Bristol practicing in Commercial and Regulatory Disputes having completed my LPC the University of Law in Bristol in 2016 and my LLB in Plymouth.

After graduating from a sport focused grammar school in Austria, I studied law long-distance whilst continuing to sail for the Austrian National Team. I did all of this whilst working 2-4 different jobs simultaneously to fund my living and career expenses; and without much parental support for the majority of the time, due to being in foster care.

Being a first generation lawyer and having grown up in Austria, I had no contacts in the legal profession – it was by no means an obvious career choice for me. Moving to and studying in the England, integrating into society and the culture, were all things that caused me difficulty. Not only was I lacking self-confidence, I had no idea how University life in England worked, and even less idea how the legal world worked.

So how did I get this far? I got involved in every kind of legal related extra-curricular activity going including societies, events and voluntary work. I chose to take every opportunity to network and learn how to network effectively. This is a skill you can learn, which has ‘moved mountains’ for me despite not being educated at a Russell-Group University. Access to the legal profession should not be based on parental connections or income – it should be based on ability and hard work.

This is exactly why I want to support Aspiring Solicitors as a Professional Ambassador. I am hoping to pass on some of what I have learnt and connect with others who may be experiencing similar frustrations and fears as I did.

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