I started my legal career in my second year at university; I was a part time paralegal at a boutique firm in London. I didn’t study at a Russel Group university and I honestly thought that was going to severely hinder my chances of getting a training contract. Once I finished university, I began working full time at the same firm and eventually I was able to secure a “Part time study” training contract with the firm. Part time study meant that I had to do my Legal Practice Course over 2 years, and during that time, complete my training contract alongside it. I worked 4 days a week and went to law school 1 day a week. I eventually qualified as a solicitor in January 2016. I am first generation to go to university, and the first (still the only) lawyer in my family. I’m also first generation British, as both of my parents were born in Jamaica. Since qualifying I have worked at some of the best immigration law firms and built up my knowledge and experience over time.

Diversity is extremely important in all professions, and certainly in law. We are what stands between the public and the justice system so it’s imperative that all people are represented in all legal spaces. When I was studying at university and at law school, I rarely saw black, female lawyers in senior positions, unfortunately they are still a rarity. I dedicate my time to increasing awareness in diversity because I want to see a level playing field for us all, regardless of race, sexual orientation, social economic background etc.

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