Having not done so well in my A Levels and after attending Kingston University (then a polytechnic college) I came out of college with a 2:2 which at the time seemed a bit of a disaster for an aspiring lawyer.  I never thought in a million years I would find myself at a firm like Farrer & Co.  I joined the firm in 2005 about 10 years into my career having worked at 3 other firms in London, the Isle of Wight and Edinburgh (where I had to requalify).  I have worked hard throughout my career to show real commitment to legal excellence and client service but especially during my time at Farrers. Along the way I also had two boys (in 1998 and 2010) who are pretty proud of their working mum.

Having taken on several senior roles in the firm since 2012 in people management and more recently in business development, I now realise that I have brought so much to the firm without realising it – my life experience really matters.  My role involves looking after clients and their private wealth needs, managing business development for our Private Wealth practices and supporting my fellow partners in managing the people we work with, all of which is incredibly rewarding.  The firm as a whole is very supportive of the aim to increase our diversity and I work with a majority female team, many of whom are working mothers like me and the first generation of university attenders or lawyers in their families.  Such a great workplace environment for us all of whatever gender and I’m so pleased to see male colleagues now taking much more time with their families with encouragement from us all. It’s been quite a journey and I’m keen to help others get on track!

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