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When applying for university I had no idea what I wanted to be so I opted for an open ended degree in Politics and International Relations. My dad emigrated from Egypt aged 17 and did not attend university so he was particularly proud!

While at university I ran a successful grassroots children’s football club in North London, which I continued doing for a year after I graduated. I learned a range of transferrable skills which certainly helped when doing initial applications for firms. It gave me something to talk about and made me stand out.

In 2020, I decided to focus my attentions on pursuing a career in law so I used some of the money I had made from my work and embarked on the GDL at BPP, Waterloo. This was the first year I started taking the law application process seriously and applied to approximately 20 firms. Despite some promising leads, I was ultimately rejected by all of them.

In 2021 I took up a paralegal role at a company called Compliance on Demand, which focuses on Governance and Compliance in the real estate sector. Again, I developed a range of skills, and bolstered my commercial awareness through dealing directly with clients and having fantastic exposure to a former city Real Estate partner.

When applying for a TC in the 2021/22 cycle, my experience proved invaluable. I had unknowingly become more confident in communicating with others, and my written work had become more concise and accurate. These are two skills which are key for most assessment centres.

I was fortunate enough to be offered three vacation schemes and accepted a training contract after my first one at Bird & Bird which was always my first-choice firm.

As the son of a British Jew and an Egyptian Muslim, I appreciate the role diversity plays in the workplace. When embraced, diversity can encourage discussions, challenge perceptions, and ultimately teach people new things. That is one of the reasons why Bird & Bird was so attractive, as can be seen by its numerous diversity awards.

Please get in touch if you have any questions as I am happy to help!

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