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Ashlie K

Law School Attended

Future trainee solicitor | Allen & Overy

Profile Highlights:

  • State school educated
  • First generation to go to university
  • First generation lawyer
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I am a third year Law undergraduate at Warwick University and I am due to start as a trainee solicitor at Allen & Overy in March 2021. I will be studying the LPC at BPP University next year.

I attended a state school in Leicester and I am the first generation of my family to go to university. Before reaching university, I had no legal connections and was unsure of how to pursue a career in commercial law. I gained initial commercial exposure through attending law fairs and firm presentations at Warwick. Competing in commercial negotiations heightened my interest in commercial law, while I gained practical legal exposure through completing work experience in local criminal defence and real estate firms.

I joined Aspiring Solicitors during my first year at university. I was fortunate enough to participate in both a legal work experience placement and the Aspire Coaching Programme. The support and guidance provided by my Aspire Mentor throughout the application process was invaluable in helping me to secure three vacation schemes at large, international law firms. It is after a successful vacation scheme at Allen & Overy that I will go on to train there. Bringing a variety of skills and experience into any profession, especially the legal sector, is incredibly important. The breadth of experience afforded by a diverse workforce encourages a creativity of thought and the finding of alternative solutions to complex issues. I understand the challenge of gaining commercial experience and I am more than happy to answer any questions.

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