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Art S

Future trainee solicitor | Kirkland & Ellis International LLP

Profile Highlights:

  • First generation to go to university
  • Ethnic minority
  • Low income family
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Hello! By way of introduction, I am a future trainee at Kirkland & Ellis (starting August 2021). Having graduated from Oxford University in 2019 with a degree in History, I am currently studying the GDL at the University of Law.

I am the proud product of a low-income family based in Croydon, and the first in said family to go to university.

The statistical chances of my preceding sentences all being in the same profile are admittedly painfully slim, but the infrastructure of diversity initiatives such as Aspiring Solicitors and others have helped to provide practical advice and marketable opportunities that applicants like us from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds can springboard from.

I first came into contact with Aspiring Solicitors during their Barclays Legal Experience Week, and was inspired to partake in, and eventually win, their 2018/19 Commercial Awareness Competition. I unreservedly recommend both. So much time and care goes into crafting their offering that even the exercise of application provides candidates with useful skills and materials. I also cannot overstate the value of the ever-expanding Aspiring Solicitors candidate and alumni community. Membership of such a powerful and relatable network, boasting a diverse range of skills and experiences, is a major advantage for lawyers of the future – after all, law is a ‘people profession’.

A Lloyds Scholar, I considered commercial careers in banking, consultancy and the bar, before finally seeing the best combination of all those worlds (collegiate yet independent, holistic in approach yet technical) through a training contract at K&E.

Access work was a large part of my university life and remains important to me – I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and refer you to useful sources. Welcome to Aspiring Solicitors.

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