I am a Trainee Solicitor at TLT’s London office, having started my training contract in March 2022. Prior to starting my training contract, I worked for a number of leading banks, consultancies and financial regulators. I was fortunate enough to be offered a place on the AS Aspire scheme in 2021 which provided me with invaluable mentorship and support. This helped me secure a vacation scheme at TLT in 2021.

Prior to my vacation scheme, AS ran a HeadStart scheme. This scheme fully prepared me for my vacation scheme and ensured that I fully demonstrated the qualities that I could bring to TLT. After an enjoyable remote vacation scheme, I was offered a training contract at TLT. This was made possible with the encouragement I received from AS. Throughout the mentorship process, AS went out of their way to support me.

I would like to help anyone else looking to enter a career in law. I believe people from diverse backgrounds can make an invaluable contribution to law firms. Applicants should not be put off from applying to law firms due to their background. Enhancing diversity within the legal profession will ensure that a true meritocracy exists for all applicants. As the UK’s legal sector is revered globally, this approach to inclusion will encourage global change. As a Professional Ambassador for AS, I want to play my part in enhancing diversity within the legal profession. I would like to help anyone wishing to pursue a career in law.

Please get in contact if you have any questions about pursuing a career in law.

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