My diversity networks


I am a Brit-Indian woman, who was born in London but raised for most of my life in New Delhi, India where I attended a British International school. I did my LLB at UCL Law in London, and started applying for training contracts from my second year. I received my interview at Travers Smith in the start of third year and confirmed the training contract offer not long after.

Providing more accessible paths for diverse talent is important to me because I often struggle to see people who look like me represented at higher levels in corporate law, which makes one wonder if it’s even possible for someone from my background to make it up there. It is also extremely important to have frank conversations about your career with people who can understand and resonate with your particular reservations or struggles, especially in a career field which has only recently championed diversity. I did not have any such support through these programmes as it so competitive, so I can only imagine how competitive the entire process is. Cultural gaps are very real in corporate law and I believe it is my responsibility to help where I wish I had help when applying. No one with the skillset and passion should be put off a career in corporate law for lack of transparency or access.

I am happy for students to reach out to me through email and am happy to have a quick phone call or chat off the back of that.

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