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Amoe M

Law School Attended

Trainee Solicitor | Hogan Lovells

Profile Highlights:

  • Experienced in helping students from minority backgrounds to attain high level jobs
  • State school educated
  • From a low socio-economic background
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I went to the University of Exeter and studied LLB Law, I then did a vacation scheme at Hogan Lovells and other firms during the summer of 2015 and I got a training contract at the end of that summer with Hogan Lovells. Being a person from a minority group in several senses, with regard to race, gender and in the socio-economic sense, I have always wanted to help do something to “level the playing field” which is why I worked as a pre-university and law co-ordinator at an organisation that aimed to do just that before I went to law school and that is why I want to carry on with that line of work as an aspiring solicitor professional ambassador.

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