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Amisha J

Senior Associate | RPC

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  • Ethnic minority
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I always wanted to be a lawyer and to work for a high-profile City firm. During my time at university, I realised how important vacations schemes could be to securing a training contract. However, I also realised – on law firm open days and at assessment centres – how few non-white students – and especially how few non-white female students – actually received training contracts and how even fewer still went on to have long successful careers in the City. I struggled between two mindsets – the desire to “be an exception, rather than the rule” and the fear of “not fitting in” in an environment that was completely different to what I was used to, or worse, for not succeeding due to factors beyond by control. I am to this day grateful that I didn’t let the second mindset overrule the first.

I also realised very quickly that securing a vacation scheme – or even making it through the application process – took a lot of effort. I have however always been obsessed with preparation and I used this, as well as my desire to succeed, to put 110% into my applications. I secured three vacation schemes in my final year of university. I ended up accepting a training contract at one of these firms – CMS Cameron McKenna (now CMS Nabarro Olswang) and had a fantastic two years. I have since joined RPC as a mid-level associate in their Professional and Financial Risks team and could not have asked to join a better firm.

For me, seeing more diversity in the City – and especially City law firms, is not just an option, it is essential. I think it is incredibly important for future lawyers to know that it is all possible – and that there are people there to help make it happen.

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