My diversity networks


I graduated from school a year early, so had to take a gap year in order to be able to study law at University College London once I had reached the minimum age requirement. During my gap year, I worked at a high street firm and had some paralegal responsibilities. Getting this position with, at that stage, only retail work experience was the result of some good old-fashioned online research followed by sending off copies of my CV and covering letters. This was my first behind the scenes insight into life at a law firm and confirmed my wish to become a lawyer. I was encouraged by the varied nature of the work and the spirit of team work evident amongst fee earners. It was also useful to get some experience of working in an office.

Studying at UCL was challenging, but rewarding. I enjoyed being part of such a multicultural student body. After university, I trained at Bristows LLP and qualified into the Intellectual Property Litigation department in September 2015. During my training, I completed seats in the commercial disputes, real estate, litigation, commercial IP/IT and competition departments. I was also able to go on client secondment at a multinational technology company.

There are many paths to becoming a lawyer and the profession will no doubt become an even more vibrant place the more it includes, and holds on to, varied perspectives. I am happy to be able to support the Aspiring Solicitors network.

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