The Principles

The Principles, through which Aspiring Solicitors pursues its goal of increasing diversity in the legal profession are as follows:

  • To provide a free service to our members.
  • To assist aspiring solicitors to achieve their potential (whilst managing expectations).
  • To share knowledge.
  • To collaborate positively (with universities and professionals).
  • To develop the positive reputation of the legal profession.

The Aspiring Solicitors Goal

Aspiring Solicitors is committed to increasing diversity in the legal profession by;

(i) providing free access, opportunity and assistance to students from underrepresented groups;

(ii) educating and informing the next generation of the legal profession about the importance of diversity; and

(iii) promoting and encouraging diversity from within the profession.

Aspiring Solicitors targets undergraduate and postgraduate aspiring solicitors.

“Underrepresented Groups”

“Diversity” has a broad meaning and Aspiring Solicitors is committed to increasing diversity across all underrepresented groups in the profession.  Aspiring Solicitors consider “underrepresented” groups to include, but is not limited to, the following aspiring solicitors:

  • state educated aspiring solicitors;
  • disabled aspiring solicitors;
  • aspiring solicitors with accents;
  • senior female solicitors;
  • aspiring solicitors of all ages;
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender aspiring solicitors;
  • black and minority ethnic aspiring solicitors;
  • aspiring solicitors entering the legal profession from “non-traditional” routes;
  • first generation undergraduate aspiring solicitors; and
  • aspiring solicitors from non-redbrick/Russell Group universities.