Roxanna Patel

I attended an independent school for both my GCSE and A Level examinations and graduated in 2015, having studied French at UCL. More recently, I have just completed the GDL and start the LPC in September 2017. I knew that I had wanted to pursue a career in commercial law long before applying for my degree and I chose to study French as I loved the language and believed it would be a beneficial skill to have as a commercial solicitor working in an international context. I decided to take a year out after university to focus my energy on gaining a training contract – Aspiring Solicitors has been integral to my success.

As a young British Asian female, a first generation lawyer and the first person in my immediate family to attend university, diversity is of great personal significance and has been throughout my journey to becoming a future trainee solicitor. Having gone through the application and interview process countless times, it became clear that my differences as a candidate, such as my non-law background or ethnic heritage, were ultimately my biggest strengths. I wanted to join the Junior Aspiring Solicitors Advisory Board to encourage, inspire and assist any student from any social and academic background in their journey towards a legal career. I hope to use my experience of completing four vacation schemes to advise students how to avoid common pitfalls and how to make the most out of their opportunities to achieve their end goal.