Komal Varsani

I am a future trainee solicitor at the Crown Prosecution Service, which I commence in November 2017.
I attended a state school in Greenwich and went on to study Law at the University of Westminster. I then went on to study the LPC and LLM at the University of Law and finally completed a Masters of Science in Contemporary India from the University of Oxford. I am a first generation university graduate and the first to become a lawyer.

I have experience in commercial law, criminal law and tort law. My role with the Metropolitan Police and being a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster helped me promote my unique skills, experiences and characteristics to potential employers.

Diversity is extremely important to me, growing up from a working class background, an ethnic minority, being state school educated and a female, I felt the odds of me joining the legal profession were slim. Organisations such as Aspiring Solicitors are working hard to promote diversity and inclusion. I was fortunate to attend AS events and have the opportunity to network with legal professionals from all backgrounds. AS gave me the confidence to persist in my training contract applications and because of their support and guidance I have secured a Training Contract.

I hope to bring more awareness and encourage conversation on Mental Health matters in the Legal Profession and the difficulties students face when entering the profession. I appreciate the challenges faced by individuals from under-represented groups and as a result I am honoured to advocate the importance of this diversity as a member of the Junior Advisory Board. I am motivated to work with AS on creating new diversity initiatives as well strengthening existing plans. My goal is to inspire and help students achieve a successful career in the legal profession.