Henna Malik

Trainee Solicitor at Trowers & Hamlins

Henna Malik Junior Advisory Board

Please watch my video – “Henna Malik on Aspiring Solicitors

I am a career changer, from professional photography to law. I started at my local university as a mature student with the aspiration of obtaining a Training Contract, an aspiration I thought would be unlikely to materialise due to a number of factors, namely: being a mother, a woman from an ethnic minority background, state school educated, and returning to education later in life. However with extensive support and opportunities through Aspiring Solicitors I have exceeded my expectations by securing a Training Contract at my ideal law firm – Trowers & Hamlins.

Diversity is incredibly important to me, not only because of my personal background but also because I believe a more diverse legal professional will encourage and inspire future generations to believe that their opportunities are not constrained by their ethnic heritage, or socio-economic background and that with hard work, their dreams, like mine, can be fulfilled. Another aspect of diversity that I am passionate about addressing is that of women at the top of the legal profession, as a mother I am profoundly aware of the careful balancing act that working mothers and fathers have to make, which is no doubt a contributing factor to the relatively low number of female partners in the profession. My involvement with Aspiring Solicitors has given me the confidence to believe that the profession is changing for the better and the next step will be greater gender parity at the top. Aspiring Solicitors is empowering women like myself to believe that this is possible.

The reason that I am proudly taking up a position as a member of Aspiring Solicitors’ Advisory Board is because of the profound impact the organisation has had on my life. If it were not for the networking opportunities, open days, practice interviews and one to one support from both Chris and Gemma, I would not be currently enrolled on the LPC looking forward to commencing my Training Contract in September this year. I hope that in my capacity as both a Professional Ambassador and now Advisor Board member that I can give back to an organisation that has given so much to me, with a view to inspiring and assisting others to achieve their ambitions.