Increasing Diversity Throughout the Legal Profession

Aspiring Solicitors was set up in autumn 2013 by Chris White whilst he was an associate at Norton Rose Fulbright.  The primary aim of Aspiring Solicitors is to increase diversity in the legal profession.  

What We Do

As of August 2017, we work with over 26 law firms and legal teams to provide events, mentoring, competitions, employability assistance and access to the legal profession. In the past 24 months, our members have been offered over 260 training contracts and over 650 vacation schemes. To find out about how we can help you, please see Member Services.

The Principles

By working with our members, and our supporting firms and legal teams, we will:

  • Provide a free service to our members.
  • Assist aspiring solicitors to achieve their potential (whilst managing expectations).
  • Share knowledge.
  • Collaborate positively (with universities and professionals).
  • Develop the positive reputation of the legal profession.

The Aspiring Solicitors Goal

We have three long term goals:

  • To provide free access, opportunity and assistance to students from underrepresented groups;
  • To educate and inform the next generation of the legal profession about the importance of diversity; and
  • To promote and encourage diversity from within the profession.

“Underrepresented Groups”

‘Diversity’ has a broad meaning and Aspiring Solicitors is committed to increasing diversity across all underrepresented groups in the profession. Aspiring Solicitors consider “underrepresented” groups to include, but is not limited to, the following aspiring solicitors:

  • LGBT+ aspiring solicitors;
  • black and minority ethnic origin aspiring solicitors;
  • state educated aspiring solicitors;
  • first generation undergraduate aspiring solicitors;
  • disabled aspiring solicitors;
  • those who have been in care, or have significant caring responsibilities (including being a parent);
  • aspiring solicitors from a low-income background;
  • aspiring solicitors with accents;
  • senior female solicitors;
  • aspiring solicitors of all ages; and/or
  • aspiring solicitors from non-Russell Group universities.