200+ New Aspiring Solicitors Mentoring Opportunities

CAC_Revised logoAspiring Solicitors recognises the importance of mentoring and coaching.  We are now excited to offer our members even more opportunities to be mentored and coached than ever before!  Successful applicants will be mentored by the Aspiring Solicitors Advisory Board, our Head of Employability and former Graduate Recruitment Manager Gemma and lawyers from Barclays, Bank of America and other law firms!



The mentoring opportunities will begin in September 2017 but applications to secure this offer are now open and will be very very popular!


The Aspiring Solicitors Employability Programmes will be delivered by our Head of Employability, Gemma Baker, our Founder, Chris White, members of our Advisory Board, and current legal professionals and lawyers from Barclays, Bank of America and a range of other law firms.


To apply for any mentoring programme you must:

  • be an Aspiring Solicitors member
  • be interested in pursuing a legal career at a  commercial law firm or legal team
  • be on track to secure or have secured at least a 2:1  degree qualification

Applications from Aspiring Solicitors members at any stage, whether undergraduates, post graduates or those working are welcome!

How to apply?

To apply to be mentored via one of the Aspiring Solicitors Employability Programmes, please click HERE.

Please note the deadline is at 10 am on 30 April 2017.  Applications will be reviewed AFTER the deadline; please take your time with your application as there is no advantage to submitting it first.  Please note only your first application will be considered.